3 methods for transfer money from Iran to Turkey

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One of the good destinations for immigration, especially for Iranians, is Turkey. If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey or you will need to transfer your money from Iran to Turkey for living expenses in Turkey. There are different ways to transfer money from Iran to Turkey. In this article, we will examine in detail the methods of transferring money from Iran to Turkey, so stay tuned until the end.

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It is very important to transfer money to Turkey and you should consider that there are two parts:
1- What you should do in Iran, before applying to come to Turkey?
2- After coming to Turkey, what you should do in Turkey?

transfer Iran to Turkey

The most economical way to transfer your money from Iran to Turkey

For the first part that you have to do in Iran, there is an important point: you should know that 5,000 euros per person can be transferred from Iran to Turkey through the air border or the equivalent of the currencies of those countries. For example, for those of you who want to come to Turkey, the equivalent of 5,000 euros, which is 50,000 Tl, which you can take with you and cross the air border.
If you want to come across the land border, this amount is 2,000 euros or the equivalent of that country’s currencies. This amount is the maximum amount you can get with you in cash and come to Turkey because this is the most economical way you can transfer your money from Iran to Turkey; This means 5,000 euros per person and for two people, you can transfer 10,000 euros from Iran to Turkey.

So what are you doing with the rest of your money?

You must have the main part of your money in Iran accounts to be able to transfer your money to an exchange account through the active internet bank, but you must coordinate this with your bank and activate your internet bank.

How much money you can transfer from Iran to Turkey via an Internet bank?

The important point is that you can Transfer (satna) 100 million tomans per day from each of your accounts. Imagine that you are traveling to Turkey and you are going to buy a property in Turkey, the price of the property is also 2 billion Tomans. Before entering Turkey, it is better to put your money in several bank accounts so that you can transfer 100 million Tomans per day from several of your accounts in Turkey, which means that you can deposit 400 or 500 million Tomans a day to your exchange account.
So you opened your account in Iran and activated your internet banking. Now it’s time to open an account in Turkey.

Note: It is better to get an Iran VPN before entering Turkey and also activate your phone roaming. Because some Iranian sites are not open from abroad.

Note: Among the good banks that respond better abroad, the first is Pasargad Bank and the second is Mellat Bank.

Note: By paying a fee as a fee in some exchange offices, you can convert your Rials into lira with a bank statement, but it is better to activate your internet bank.

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Ziraat bankasi

Opening a personal account in Turkey

To open a bank account in Turkey, you will need the following:

  • Turkish SIM card
  • Tax code
  • Valid and real address
  • The law has recently changed and you will need a residence (Kimlik) card to open a bank account in Turkey

The only bank that opens accounts for Iranians in Turkey is the ziraat Bank. Ziraat Bank is the best state-owned bank in Turkey, and Zaraat Internet banking is number one in Turkey, which means that you can do all your work with the Internet via Ziraat bank.

But what is the solution to the challenge for Iranians who cannot deposit their money in the bank right away?

If you want to rent a property, you basically have to wait to get your lease, get your residence card, which takes about a month before you can open a bank account after receiving your residence card. But if you have bought a house, some projects can guarantee you and some branches of the ziraat Bank will open an account.
In any case, you should consider that the ziraat Bank blocks the amount of 30,000 Tl for one to three months until this period expires and you can withdraw. For example, if you deposit 50,000 Tl in your account, 30,000 Tl will be blocked and 20,000 Tl can be withdrawn.
Now that you have been able to open a bank account in Turkey, you have to find a reliable exchange and deposit Rials in their account and they will deposit lire in your account, and if you want, you can visit the exchange and receive cash from them, Receive dollars, euros, pounds or lire that you can later deposit into your account. It would be better for you to have a Euro because it has a lower fee, but note that there is also a risk of carrying cash.


Another way to transfer money from Iran to Turkey: through cryptocurrency

You can also transfer your money from Iran or anywhere in the world to Turkey or anywhere this way.

What do you need to transfer money through cryptocurrency?

In Iran, you have to deposit your money into cryptocurrency accounts. Now this can be in the Binance account or the BTC account
If you are in Turkey and have opened your BTCTurk account, you can withdraw 1 million Tl from BTC Turk daily, but in total, you can withdraw 5 million Tl from BTCTurk per month.
But the point is that the Turkish government has monitored higher accounts of $ 2,000, and if you are not interested in having your account monitored, it is better not to apply through the BTCturk exchange.
You can also transfer cash through the exchange, but note that the commission varies from 1 to 3 percent depending on the exchange policy But digital currency includes about 7% commission.
And it is you who decides how to transfer your money from Iran to Turkey.

3 Best ways to transfer money from Iran to Turkey
🇮🇷 Iranian bank account and exchange in Turkey 🇮🇷
🇹🇷 Turkish bank account and exchange in Iran 🇹🇷
₿ Cryptocurrencies ₿

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