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In a world where all work and life are moving towards cryptocurrency, our wallets will also become cryptocurrency wallets. One of the digital wallets is the Metamsk wallet, which is taught in detail how to work the Metamsk wallet. In this article, You read a best and most useful tutorial on working with Metamask wallet. After this article, you will learn how to work Metamask. If you don’t know how to buy land in Metaverse, please read this article.

What is a Metamsk wallet?

Metamsk wallet is necessary for decentralized exchanges, buying land metaverse, and blockchain games. So stay with me until the end of this article.
In this article, you will learn 0 to 100 works with Metamsk.

How to work with Metamask in chrome

First, enter google and search “Metamask”

enter google and search "metamask"

Click on Metamask website.

google mtamask

Click on “Download” to download Metamask.

ownload metamask

Now I want to teach you how to install Metamsk in Chrome, so click to install Metamsk for Chrome.

install Metamsk for Chrome


Click on add to Chrome.

add metamask to chrome

Click on add extension.

add extension

If you have a wallet before, click on import wallet and enter your recovery code and if you don’t have a wallet, click on create a wallet.

Now we are clicking on create a wallet.

import or create wallet

Create a password for Metamask wallet.Create a password

Now you should remember recovery code (12 words). Take a note recovery code in a safe place.

Note: If you forget recovery code, you don’t access to wallet for ever.

Note: you can copy these words in Notepad or write on paper.

recovery code metamask wallet

Finally, your Metamask wallet was made simply.

Important points about Metamask wallet

metamask wallet address

In your Metamask wallet, you can copy your wallet address from here.

This wallet uses etherium network by default. One of the reasons for the importance of this wallet that the Metamask wallet is the main wallet for Ethereum network. Although the Ethereum network fee is high, but this wallet is the best for applications such as buying and selling NFT and…

ethereum networkAs mentioned, Ethereum network’s fee is high, which is why many applications use Binance blockchain’s network. Thetan game, for example, uses the Binance blockchain network.

How to SAFELY install MetaMask on Chrome 2021

How to work Metamask in Mozilla Firefox

The method of installing Metamsk wallet in Firefox is almost the same as installing it in Chrome browser. In the following, we will learn how to install Metamask wallet in Firefox.

First, open Firefox browser (If you don’t install Mozilla Firefox browser, download and install from here.)

In firefox browser, Navigate this address Tools> Add-ons and Themes.

then select extension and search metamask.

Click on Add to firefox.

Add metamask to firefox

Click on add button.

click on add metamask wallet

Now your Metamsk wallet is now installed in the Firefox browser.
Registering in Metamask wallet is like registering Metamask in the Chrome browser that was taught above.

How To Install Metamask Extension For Firefox

How to work Metamask in Opera browser

Installing Metamask wallet in Opera browser is like installing Metamask in Chrome and firefox browsers. (You can download and install opera browser from here)

For Installing Metamask wallet in Opera browser, search Metamask in extension and click on “Add to Opera” button.

add metamask to opera browser

How to work Metamask in Brave browser

Brave browser is one of the best and fastest browser. (If you don’t have Brave browser, download and install it from here)

Installing Metamsk wallet in Brave browser is the same as installing it in the previous browsers mentioned above.

Once Brave is installed, upon going to Cryptostrikers you’ll need to click the Install MetaMask button.

How to work with Metamask in Brave browser

How to work Metamask in Edge browser

For installing Metamask in Edge browser, do this works step by step.

First, open your Edge browser. Edge browser installed default in Windows.

In Edge browser, click on extension.

extension in edge browser

Search Metamask wallet.

Click on “get” button to download and install Metamask wallet in Edge browser.

Download metamask in edge browser

Finally, you installed Metamask wallet in Edge browser and you can use it like other browsers mentioned above.

How to Install Metamask on Microsoft Edge

Metamask browsers

😊metamask chrome browser Download
🦊 metamask firefox browser Download
❤️metamask opera browser There is not
🔥metamask edge browser Download


In this article, we tried to teach how to use and install Metamask wallet completely. If you like to know best ways to earn NFTs, read it.
If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments and also share this article with your friends on social networks.


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