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4 Best ways to earn NFTs

I want to show you best ways to earn NFTs and how you can make money with NFTs as a beginner. Now if you’re not sure what an NFT collectible is, there are different types of versions of them a lot of artists sell their digital art for cryptocurrency specifically Ethereum and Cardano but there are also types of NFT collectibles that get released and you can do what we call minting and you can mint these specific NFTs. From humanity’s beginning until now, humans have always loved to collect rare items such as precious stones, special coins, stamps, and playing cards, and today they are NFTs. Before you enter cryptocurrency you should have a digital wallet, if you don’t know how to work metamask, read this.

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What is NFT?


There are digital works that have become NFT. In the past year, the majority thought that the NFT debate was hot and trendy and would be forgotten for a while, but this did not happen and large investments are still being made in NFTs.

4 Best ways to earn NFTs

Today I want to teach you 4 ways to earn NFT,

  1. for someone who is an artist and wants to turn his work into NFT, and I will teach step by step,
  2. Buy a licensed collection NFT
  3. you might like to invest in other NFTs what should you do? And I will say this step by step.
  4. NFT video games

If you want to know how to make money from NFTs, read this article at the end.

Sell your digital art NFT

In the first method, you are an artist and you have an art and sell your NFT.

One of the most famous NFTs is NFT Christie, which sold for $ 69 million and this NFT is digital art.

Licensed collection

One of the methods for making NFT tokens is making a collection with NFT technology. Brands that used to sell physical collections, such as business cards, can sell the same product digitally, albeit at much higher prices than physical ones.
Sports cards are one of the most popular licensed NFTs. The NFT Sports Card project allows people to trade licensed NFTs of footballers. NBA has recently launched NFT cards collection. Other sports organizations, such as hockey or baseball, will soon be selling their licensed NFT card collections.

Investing in other NFT

In the third method, you invest in other NFT and buy art in NFT.

Like the stock market where you buy a stock, you buy art in the NFT and you hope that one day the price will rise and you can sell it at a higher price, which of course has risks such as Etherium price going down or the price that you bought, decrease now, but strange money is also transferred in this industry, and some people make strange profits.

NFT video games

One of the best NFT tokens that have a high investment potential is NFT video games.
NFT video games that used to be bought by gamers and are now more valuable, such as World of Warcraft gold, Call of Duty loot boxes, or Counter Strike skins. In this way, in-game items are sold in NFT and blockchain.

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Compared to simple digital trading cards, or even to more interactive NFTs like virtual works of art, in-game NFTs are by far the most advanced. Non-Fungible Tokens utilized in video games can be very complex, fully interactive, and they can change over time, for example, by being upgraded or by leveling up along with the player’s character.

NFTs grow very fast if personal businesses and companies support NFTs. At the moment, NFT looks like a simple image that is not worth much, but in fact, this market has a lot of potential for growth, and as the popularity of NFTs increases, so will their prices.

First step in buying and selling NFT


The first step in buying and selling NFT is to have a digital wallet, To create a Metamask wallet, we enter metamask website:
For different browsers, we can download the Metamask plugin, or for the iPhone or Android phone, we can download the Metamask software.
If you need to know how to install Metamask wallet, be sure to comment so that I can teach you.
Now, if your Metamask wallet is ready and you are an artist, you can create your NFT in a few short steps.
In this article, I will introduce the open sea platform, which is one of the most famous NFT sales platforms in the world.
You use your Metamsk wallet to sign in Opensea platform.
When you set up your NFT you have to pay a small commission fee (gas fee) to be able to sell your NFT.

In the second method, if you are not an artist, you can invest in other people’s artworks.

On rarity tools website you can find best projects that you can buy them. If you are planning to invest in NFT, you need to find and buy famous NFTs that are part of famous collections. On this site, you can find the most famous NFTs that are worth buying.


That means you can be the first to buy these NFTs and sell them later in other markets e.g. one of the famous collections is bullishllama you can see more information on its website. You can learn more about that collection through the social networks of the collection and see who invests in the collection.

The NFT depends on the community they support, meaning the more celebrities support the NFT, value of NFT is higher.

In general, we are now at the beginning way for NFTs, and probably NFT space will change a lot in the next few years.

For example, recently, games try to use characters and tools from NFT that you can earn money when you play a game.

This space is constantly being updated and if you want to work in this space, you must be constantly updated, but if you hurry a little, you can get good profits.

₿ 4 Best ways to earn NFTs ₿
For someone who is an artist and wants to turn his work into NFT 🎨
Buy a licensed collection NFT
Invest in other NFTs
NFT video games 🎮
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