13 Best tattoo shops in San Diego

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Different people are interested in designing a tattoo on their body, and if the tattoo is not done with sterile needles and professionally, it can endanger your health. Below is a list of the top and leading best tattoos in San Diego. To help you find the best tattoos located near you in San Diego. The list of best tattoo shops in San Diego is based on your rating on yelp and google map. This article helps you to find the best tattoos in San Diego including phone number, location, address, and working hours.

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5 Best tattoo shops San Diego

  😊Name 😊 👍Address 😍 📲Phone 📲

Luckys Tattoo Parlor

1000 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, United States+16196150914

SD Tattoo

Second Floor, 3780 Hancock St E, San Diego, CA 92110, United States+16199569563

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Gallery

3958 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, United States+16195421721

Buju Tattoo

914 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103, United States+16198666856

Eden Tattoo Gallery

3001 Madison Ave, San Diego, CA 92116, United States+16199557237

Best tattoo shops in San Diego:

Luckys Tattoo Parlor

Luckys Tattoo Parlor

If you‘re searching for an experienced and skilled tattoo artist in San Diego, look no further than Lucky‘s Tattoo Parlor. Located at 1000 Broadway in CA 92101, they specialize in a variety of styles such as traditional, black & gray work, new school tattoos and more. Their team of talented artists are dedicated to providing topnotch service and custom art pieces that have earned them the recognition as one of the best parlors around! So if you want quality ink with personal attention from some amazing artists head over to Lucky‘s Tattoo Parlor today!

Ariel H. says about Luckys Tattoo Parlor:

Chris is a f*cking mastermind. He went above and beyond in this challenging piece. I had been walking around with a terrible tattoo I mistakenly let someone tattoo for free on the prime real estate of my calf muscle for two years pulling up my socks over it to hide the embarrassment that was.

Chris was committed to the challenge and dug going out his his normal realm and absolutely slayed the assignment. I gave him a couple of ideas since he knows what I like and my content of character and he was able to use his expertise to find the perfect way to mask the old horror show and make it into one of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen. He is an incredible artist and makes you feel comfortable the entire time.

He’s got over 20 years of experience and you can tell he really takes pride in his gift of creating something his clients will dig forever. Thank you so much for making my getaway sticks something to be proud of again!!! . This shop is super clean, all the staff is rad and the tunes are on point. I Would highly recommend going to Lucky’s it’s absolutely worth every penny! Thank you so much guys!

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 9PM

phone numberPhone: +16196150914

locationAddress: 1000 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

websiteWebsite: Luckys Tattoo Parlor

SD Tattoo

SD Tattoo

SD Tattoo and Body Piercing have been voted the best tattoo shop in San Diego since 2015. Known locally as well as worldwide for providing stunning tattoos and high quality piercings.


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Dulce P. says about SD Tattoo:

In a search, looking for a great tattoo cover-up artist, this was one of the places that was contacted. Yes, we had been quoted anything from $150-$350 an hour depending on the artist. I had submitted an online consultation request (late at night) through their website on behalf of my significant other… they contacted us the next morning.

We were able to get an idea of pricing, which artist we would be paired with and given some of his work. After discussing our options, we decided to give this artist, Wiz a consultant and see his vibe. I know most people can just walk into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo by anyone, but not us.

Fast forward to Friday, made an appt at 915am as they open at 9am, upon arrival you scan a QR code and fill out a form, grab a mask then you are scanned for temperature reading and then show your “completed” form confirmation before stepping inside. Felt very safe. Then once inside it is very clean and well designed with a comfortable and welcoming waiting room.

The artist was ready and available to discuss options and showed us some work that was not posted or previously shown to us. We felt very comfortable and he said that they had cleared his schedule to get started today, if we chose. We decided to go for it. Wiz was very friendly, chill, and very positive with a great vibe that made you feel comfortable.

The good part is he walked you through everything and the care and quality shown, especially in his careful explanation and double checking before moving forward makes him an overall great artist… not to mention his amazing work.

Don’t get me wrong any tattoo is good in the eye of the beholder… but his work was exactly what my significant other was looking for… of course we have another session to go and they do not charge you for the time it takes to draw your tattoo… I had a few errands to run and everytime I came back, I feel like it was faster and quicker…as my significant other covered up tattoos on his neck.

We will definitely be coming back in a couple of weeks to finish. At which time, Wiz even advised that if there needed to be some touchup that it could be done at that time. Great customer service skills and it is needed in a service industry such as this.

Yes, this place has a set price hourly for any artist and the artist are on W-2 and take a lunch break… but the shop is very well kept with clean and well stalked quality ink and needles.

This place is located right across from the Sports Arena and Kobey’s swap meet… the parking lot spaces are small and the complex is a small corner lot… there is parking on the street but this place has displaced individuals that hang out across the street. The front end staff, 2 females were friendly and welcoming.

When I would come back in, I was recognized and allowed to walk to the back. Don’t get me wrong this place was packed where they had to turn away walk-ins because they would not have time. I believe most of the reviews on here are for piercings and I cannot attest to the piercing side of the business… as we had made the choice to have our ears pierced at a different location.

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 9AM to 10PM

phone numberPhone: +16199569563

locationAddress: Second Floor, 3780 Hancock St E, San Diego, CA 92110, United States

websiteWebsite: SD Tattoo

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Gallery

Sailor's Grave Tattoo Gallery

Sailor‘s Grave Tattoo Gallery is one of the toprated tattoo shops in San Diego, located at 3958 Fourth Ave. Their team of talented artists specialize in a wide range of styles including traditional, black and gray, Japanese and more. At Sailor‘s Grave Tattoo Gallery hygiene and safety are paramount; they use disposable needles for all their tattoos as well as giving meticulous aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing process takes place. With years worth of experience providing excellent customer service with quality workmanship, it comes highly recommended that if you‘re looking for a tattoo while visiting the area be sure to check out Sailor‘s Grave Tattoo Gallery!

Chad D. says about Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Gallery:

Came in for a walk in on a Friday evening, was welcomed by the staff and Karl said he can help me. I told him what I wanted and he had whipped up a drawing for me that I really liked within 20 mins. Karl is a great artist and has a great personality, my wife and I really enjoyed talking story with him while I was getting my tattoo.

All around it was a great experience in this shop, everyone was friendly and welcoming and my piece was very fairly priced, I’ll most definitely be back!

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 9PM

phone numberPhone: +16195421721

locationAddress: 3958 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, United States

websiteWebsite: Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Gallery

Buju Tattoo

Buju Tattoo

Located in the heart of San Diego, Buju Tattoo offers exceptional service and quality artwork to its clients. Their talented team of tattoo artists specializes in various styles such as realism, black & gray, traditional, and more. The studio is modern and clean with proper hygiene protocols followed at all times for a comfortable experience.

Clients can also get personalized consultations that help create unique designs tailored specifically to them. With their dedication to customer satisfaction, it‘s no wonder why Buju Tattoo has earned itself the reputation as one of San Diegos best tattoo shops! If you‘re looking for reliable artistry from skilled professionals then be sure to check out 914 W Washington St., San Diego CA 92103 today!


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Karina M. says about Buju Tattoo:

Jordan Lentz hands down has been my favorite artist I’ve been tattooed by. From the email communication to finally meeting in person to get inked, she was so professional and friendly. When it came down to getting tattooed, she made sure the design was something that I loved and had me approve the location of the stencil before starting.

She has such an even and steady hand, I actually fell asleep during my tattoo. She talked to me during the tattoo but also gave me space if I wasn’t feeling conversation in the moment. I would absolutely get tattooed by her again (in fact I’m not sure if I can get tattooed by anyone else after my experience with her).

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 7PM

phone numberPhone: +16198666856

locationAddress: 914 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103, United States

websiteWebsite: Buju Tattoo

Eden Tattoo Gallery

Eden Tattoo Gallery

Eden Tattoo Gallery is located in San Diego and it‘s one of the best tattoo shops for those looking to get their next ink piece. Their team consists of some exceptionally talented artists who specialize in a variety of styles, including black and gray, traditional, watercolor, etc., each creating custom designs tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Eden Tattoo Gallery offers an inviting atmosphere with topnotch safety standards that have earned them a reputation as being among the finest places around town when it comes to getting tattoos done right. So if you‘re searching for quality artistry at great prices then make sure you check out what Eden Tattoo Gallery has to offer!

Derek P. says about Eden Tattoo Gallery:

It’s been a while since I had any work done, so I had a lot of questions. I was looking for a relatively large piece and wasn’t sure how many sessions it would take. Mike and the staff were really patient and walked me through the entire process and estimate. Mike ended up doing the work himself.

I was scheduled for the entire day (or more) and Mike made sure I was comfortable, offering water and food when the rest of the staff ordered takeout. In the end, Mike came in under the estimated time and cost.

The detail is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I still need to schedule some touchups and another piece. I can’t wait set up my next appointment. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the staff!

working hoursWorking hours:

Monday to Thursday 11AM to 7PM
Friday 11AM to 9PM
Saturday 11AM to 9PM

phone numberPhone: +16199557237

locationAddress: 3001 Madison Ave, San Diego, CA 92116, United States

websiteWebsite: Eden Tattoo Gallery

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop is the goto place for incredible body art in San Diego. Located at 3439 Adams Ave, this premier tattoo parlor offers a wide range of styles and designs performed by an expert team of professional artists. Their studio provides clients with a clean and comfortable setting to receive custom tattoos that are meaningful and personalized to them. With their dedication to superior customer service, excellent quality artwork, and customized design options Black Anvil Tattoo Shop stands out as one of the top shops in town!

Nick R. says about Black Anvil Tattoo Shop:

Rj at Black Anvil tattoo shop was easy to work with and creative with my vague descriptions. I wasn’t sure what I wanted at first, just had a theme and a few ideas. He was able to draw something up that was perfect. I’ve now gotten several pieces from him and can comfortably recommend him as my first pick.

working hoursWorking hours:

Tuesday 12 to 9PM
Wednesday 12 to 8PM
Thursday 12 to 8PM
Friday 12 to 8PM
Saturday 12 to 8PM

phone numberPhone: +16194504715

locationAddress: 3439 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116, United States

websiteWebsite: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Family Business Tattoo San Diego

Family Business Tattoo San Diego

Family Business Tattoo is renowned as one of the finest tattoo studios in San Diego, situated at 4843 Voltaire St. B in California‘s 92107 zip code. Operating with a familyoriented approach and staffed by highly experienced artists proficiently versed in realism, neotraditionalism and Japanese styles of body artistry this shop offers clients an inviting atmosphere that caters to their individual needs when creating custom designs for each person who visits them.

Their commitment to quality service, cleanliness standards and excellence has earned Family Business Tattoo its reputation as one of the top-rated tattoo parlors around town! If you‘re searching for reliable expertise then look no further than Family Business Tattoo; it should definitely be on your list!

Lizette V. says about Family Business Tattoo San Diego:

I had been wanting to get this tattoo since my sister passed two years ago but was so scared. Finally got the courage to do it, randomly looked up the closest tattoo & found this place. Although things could’ve gone terribly my wrong it was the best experience!

It was quick & everyone was super nice. Got it done by Mariana she did a great job. It was my first tattoo & also a very emotional tattoo for me because of the meaning behind it, she made me feel super comfortable and confident, I was worried for nothing. Definitely will be going back for more, recommend this place a thousand percent.

working hoursWorking hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM

phone numberPhone: +16199979193

locationAddress: 4843 Voltaire St B, San Diego, CA 92107, United States

websiteWebsite: Family Business Tattoo San Diego

Guru Tattoo

Guru Tattoo

Guru Tattoo is widely renowned as one of the best tattoo shops in San Diego. Located at 1122 Garnet Ave, their experienced and talented team specializes in a variety of styles from black & gray to traditional and photorealistic designs for custom tattoos that truly represent each client‘s unique idea. They prioritize safety, hygiene, highquality materials, and exceptional customer service so every experience with them results in outstanding quality artwork. If you‘re looking for topnotch body artwork then head over to Guru Tattoo they won‘t disappoint!


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Sasha A. says about Guru Tattoo:

It took me a long time to finish this, and I am still in awe at its beauty. Joe Caram was my guy from day 1- we started this in 2015 and finished it up last Friday. I was slow to come back bc I’m a big procrastinator, but I finally got it finished and it’s better than I even imagined. Throughout the years, even when it was partially finished, I’ve received compliments on this semi-realistic/traditional mash-up tattoo.

Joe made such a beautiful drawing with my basic idea and we went big and it’s fantastic. Joe was ever patient with my procrastination and even rescheduled me recently when life got in the way yet again. But each time I finally made it to his table, it was like hanging with an old friend. Our convos were like an added incentive to get back there.

He’s such a fun guy and talented AF. Go see Joe- your time spent there is never boring and you’ll end up with a piece of art on your body. How great is that? Pics of the tattoo over the years, and finally complete!

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 8PM

phone numberPhone: +18582701070

locationAddress: 1122 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

websiteWebsite: Guru Tattoo

Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing

Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing

Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing is an outstanding tattoo parlor located in San Diego, CA. They offer custom tattoos and piercings that are designed with meticulous care to reflect each customer‘s vision. Their experienced artists always provide a clean and sterile environment for safety reasons while creating highquality body art. Whether youre looking for your first ever ink or adding another piece to your collection of tattoos, Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing will give you the best service possible at their address 2828 University Ave #104, San Diego, CA 92104 United States!

Liz J. says about Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing:

Super great service and shoutout to Steven for piercing my friend and my ears quickly!

I wanted to get a piercing for a while and decided that I wanted to finally get one. I called a few places but they either didn’t have the piercer in or were appointment only so when I called Metropolis, they had walk-ins available.

When we got there in the afternoon, there was no wait. All we had to do was sign the consent forms and then Steven got to work. He gave us a card on different ear piercings for us to choose from and we both got the helix one.  the place itself is also really clean and well kept.

The piercing itself took seconds The whole procedure of sanitizing, marking, piercing, and putting in jewelry took under 10 minutes and was relatively painless for the helix one. For the helix one, it’s $60 for both the piercing process and jewelry, which is a pretty fair price for helix piercings.

Since this is in North Park, a lot of the parking is street parking, but there was some free street parking for 2 hours across from Metropolis that you could park at.

working hoursWorking hours:

Wednesday 2 to 8PM
Thursday 2 to 8PM
Friday 12 to 10PM
Saturday 12 to 10PM
Sunday 12 to 10PM

phone numberPhone: +16192558268

locationAddress: 2828 University Ave #104, San Diego, CA 92104, United States

websiteWebsite: Metropolis Tattoo & Piercing

Kutthroat Tattoo

Kutthroat Tattoo

Kutthroat Tattoo is an awardwinning tattoo shop in San Diego, renowned for their skilled and experienced artists who specialize in a range of styles. From traditional American to Japaneseinspired designs, the team at Kutthroat creates oneofa kind pieces that reflect each client‘s individual style. They prioritize both cleanliness and customer satisfaction ensuring clients get exactly what they want while maintaining safety standards throughout the process. With attention to detail and dedication like theirs, its no surprise why Kutthroat Tattoo is considered one of the best shops around!

Maria R. says about Kutthroat Tattoo:

I’m so great full I came across this business, where I got to meet my tatto artist Sierra, she was very patient and helpful with my tatto idea as I was trying to get something to show the love I have for my son I was very indecisive ,  she helped come up with a great idea and I’m in love with it , her communication was great, made this experience easy and comfortable for me.

The whole place is clean & I felt comfortable enough to go through it in this pandemic , can’t wait to come back for another one !
Thanks love !

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 9PM

phone numberPhone: +16193268349

locationAddress: 4281 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105, United States

Jade Buddha Tattoo

Jade Buddha Tattoo

Located at 4660 El Cajon Blvd #203, San Diego, CA 92115, United States Jade Buddha Tattoo is one of the top-rated tattoo shops in the city. They employ experienced and skilled artists who specialize in a variety of styles such as traditional Japanese neotraditional designs black and grey work. Every visit to their shop ensures excellent customer service with custom tattoos that reflect their client‘s individual style desires while also prioritizing cleanliness and safety standards by sterilizing all equipment used for each job. Whether you are just getting your first tattoo or looking for an addition to your collection, Jade Buddha Tattoo provides an unforgettable experience perfecting any design desired!

Cat F. says about Jade Buddha Tattoo:

Absolutely loved it here! I plan on going back sometime soon to get some ear piercings. I originally messaged them through Yelp when I saw good reviews and I was given a phone number to the piercer Allan. I got my septum re-pierced, my second nostril pierced, and snake bites done all in one sitting.

Very easy to communicate with and he made sure I was both comfortable and happy with the placement before piercing. I at first was a little unhappy with my septum (I have a crooked nose) but after a few hours I realized how much better it looked than before. No other customers were there and the shop seemed super clean! Thank you so much

working hoursWorking hours:

Monday to Saturday 9PM to 12AM
Sunday 12AM to 5PM | 9PM to 12AM

phone numberPhone: +16194535343

locationAddress: 4660 El Cajon Blvd #203, San Diego, CA 92115, United States

websiteWebsite: Jade Buddha Tattoo

Broken Heart Tattoo

Broken Heart Tattoo

Welcome to Broken Heart Tattoo San Diego CA. Founded in 2010 by SKY. San Diego’s #1 TATTOO studio.

Kelly J. says about Broken Heart Tattoo:

This place is amazing. I have had issues finding an artist that could read between the lines on the ideas in my head for tattoos. Sky not only read between the lines, he exceeded all expectations. Never made me feel like an idiot and really cared about my experience.
The place is so clean, i mean like soooooo clean.
I could have easily eaten off the floor!
The technology used to enhance and perform their work with is amazing. Gave me an extra sense of confidence I. The work they do~
I finally found a studio that feels like home!

working hoursWorking hours:

All days 12 to 10PM

phone numberPhone: +16192370058

locationAddress: 3704 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, United States

websiteWebsite: Broken Heart Tattoo

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Gold Stripe Tattoo

Gold Stripe Tattoo

Gold Stripe Tattoo has been serving San Diego, with quality tattoos, since 2015. As well as being known, worldwide for providing quality tattoos. Gold Stripe Tattoo is also a Black Female owned and operated business.

Ti T. says about Gold Stripe Tattoo:

Went here for the first time just yesterday and loved it. I already knew my tattoo artist for years, but this was my first time at this “new to me” location.

It is smaller than you think inside (from looking outside) but it’s got great decor, plenty of space for the artists and their stations, and a really great staff.

Bathroom was really clean and nicely decorated, and nothing of the shop gave me any hesitation in regard to sanitary practices or sketchy vibes.

There is an ATM on site so that’s a plus if you need to last minute get some cash.

In the area there’s ample street parking and walking distance to food/liquor store if you’re like me and got some low blood sugar part way through the session and needed a little snack!

The staff were all very friendly and super funny. Sometimes I had to put my headphones in so I would stop laughing and hold still for my artist!

It’s the first session of probably two, so I will be back – but def looking forward to it!

My artist was Hondre btw and he’s awesome!
I gave him elements in a list fashion to work with and he created something really great that I was so pleased with!

phone numberPhone: +16194589477

locationAddress: 2820 University Ave Suite 2, San Diego, CA 92104, United States

websiteWebsite: Gold Stripe Tattoo

San Diego is home to a flourishing tattoo scene, boasting exceptional shops and talented artists who cater to all sorts of styles. From timeless designs to edgier abstract pieces, the city‘s toprated tattoo parlors provide highquality body art that reflects their clients personalities. Whether you‘re a native or just visiting San Diego, these acclaimed establishments are sure to give you an unforgettable experience with meaningful tattoos that will last for years. With a skilled staff dedicated to customer satisfaction, each one of these shops stands out as some of the best in town! Did you have any experience with these best tattoos in San Diego? Do you know other tattoos in San Diego? Please leave us a comment.

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What are 5 best tattoo places in San Diego?

  1. Luckys Tattoo Parlor
  2. SD Tattoo
  3. Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Gallery
  4. Buju Tattoo
  5. Eden Tattoo Gallery

If you want to find the best San Diego tattoo artists, what words should you search in Google?

  • Best tattoo shops in San Diego
  • Tattoo San Diego
  • Tattoo places in San Diego
  • San Diego tattoo artists
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  • Best San Diego tattoo artists


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