5 Best nail salons in Baltimore


Below is a list of the top and leading Best nail salons in Baltimore. To help you find the best nail salons located near you in Baltimore. The list of best nail salons in Baltimore is based on your rating on yelp and google map. This article helps you to find the best nail salons in Baltimore including phone number, location, address, and working hours.

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5 Best nail salon Baltimore

  💅Name 💅 👍Address 😍 📲Phone 📲

After Hour Nails and Spa

1130 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States+14436278900

Enchanted Nails and Spa

1748 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States+14106468725

Luxury Nail and Spa of Baltimore

330 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States+14434386141

Topcoat Nail Salon

700 E Pratt St UNIT 130, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States+16679303037


2110 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States+14437085133

Best nail salons in Baltimore:

After Hour Nails and Spa

After Hour Nails and Spa

Leslie Z. says about After Hour Nails and Spa:

This salon never disappoints! Every time I come in, I always leave ready to show off my nails. Everyone is very friendly and they make you feel very comfortable. Kieu takes exceptionally good care of my nails and always has the most creative ideas.

I 100% trust whatever she comes up with and always receive compliments on how beautiful my nails look when I’m out and about. I’m now a regular and I’ll never go anywhere else again!

phone numberPhone: +14436278900

locationAddress: 1130 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

websiteWebsite: After Hour Nails and Spa

Enchanted Nails and Spa

Enchanted Nails and Spa

Kristin A. says about Enchanted Nails and Spa:

One of the first places I look for in a new city is a nail salon. To say I’m particular about my nails would be putting it mildly. I read reviews and zoom in on nails just to make sure. So I didn’t hesitate to book after checking out these reviews.

Called and easily made an appointment. Was so glad to see, upon arrival, that it was appointment only which meant they’re still cautious about COVID. They checked my temp at the door and asked that I wash my hands before service. They still have separators between people at the pedicure stations so also an added layer of protection.

Callie did my nails and I thoroughly enjoyed her conversation and professionalism. She provided the services I wanted without hesitation or error so I’m definitely pleased.

I was a little confused about how to enter. The entrance is not directly on Eastern and instead on Ann. Parking was plentiful too but maybe not so much on a weekend.

This will be my new nail home…can’t wait for my next appointment.

phone numberPhone: +14106468725

locationAddress: 1748 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

websiteWebsite: Enchanted Nails and Spa

Luxury Nail and Spa of Baltimore

Ariel K. says about Luxury Nail and Spa of Baltimore:

This is my first time here, but they were so professional. I was seated before my appt time, made aware of their credit card policies up front, and the salon is extremely clean. I would recommend setting an appointment, as they do seem to fill up chairs easily. The staff was also very friendly, which is of great importance to me.

phone numberPhone: +14434386141

locationAddress: 330 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

Topcoat Nail Salon


phone numberPhone: +16679303037

locationAddress: 700 E Pratt St UNIT 130, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

websiteWebsite: Topcoat Nail Salon


Savi R. says about Olivia:

Came to Olivia for the first time in April after another salon botched my nails. The stakes were especially high because it was 3 days before my wedding. When I showed Abi my nails, she was appalled and immediately got to work. She very carefully redid my manicure and gave me the perfect wedding nails that I was looking for!

Since then I’ve gone back and gotten another great manicure from her. Also love the salon in general for all the COVID-19 precautions and the ease of scheduling appointments same day. I’ll be moving out of Baltimore in a few weeks and I wish I could bring Abi and Olivia with me!

phone numberPhone: +14437085133

locationAddress: 2110 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States

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  1. Thembi S. says

    Yeah After Hour Nails and Spa is best nails in baltimore.
    I Yelped nail salons in my space and made a meeting with After Hour since it had the best surveys. The audits were WELL DESERVED! I spent very nearly 3 hours there (a small lengthy) however it was a direct result of the fantastic and careful help I got from Natalie.

    I showed up around 11am on a Saturday. 2 staff individuals were watching out for clients, with 2 different clients (and a youngster) holding up too. I was told to select a variety, which I did, then, at that point, I sat toward the front of the foundation. The nail salon is in a changed over column home, was perfect and systematic. Subsequent to sitting around 10 minutes, one of the staff had me follow her to the back where she set me up in the pedicure seat – one of those magnificent seats that back rub. I stayed there for some time while she, the lady I came to be aware as Natalie, returned and finished the nail trim of another client. The stand by was fine, that back rub seat was everything, and I got to unwind.

    At the point when Natalie hit me up, I was mush from that seat. THEN she began my feet. She took such consideration, cutting and scratching. There was a little back rub as well, and she made great discussion the entire time!

    Same arrangement when we took a seat at her work station so she could do my gel nail treatment. She was constant and definite, exceptionally cautious and did really extraordinary work. I truly want to believe that she invests wholeheartedly in her work! I’m without a doubt returning. As a matter of fact, I’m restlessly hanging tight for them to open so I can make my next arrangement!

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