7 Safe places to Visit in Syria

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Syria is a great country in Asia. This Arab Country has many tourists each year. But because of some events, you may ask yourself how safe is Syria for tourists. Or maybe you can ask your self is there anywhere safe in Syria. So for these reasons and questions, we want to discuss about safe places to visit in Syria. So please be with us until the end of this article. If you buy property in Antalya, read this article: Best area to buy property in Antalya

Can Syria be a safe place now?

Because of the Arab spring protests in 2011, the government of Syria oppress its people in a barbarian way. But now is different from 2011. So if you are a tourist, you can choose Syria which has lots of sightseeing places. We have also safe cities in Syria where you can live. We have also safe areas in Syria.

Safe places to Visit in SyriaWhat are the best places to visit in Syria?

There are lots of amazing places that we can Visit in Syria and we will mention them below.

  1. The Al Azem palace

The palace was made by the governor of Damascus. Which also happened during the French occupation of Syria. Now it is the headquarters of the French institute. if you want to go to Damascus, the first one you need to visit, is this place Where is the safe place in Syria that you need to Visit.

The Al Azem palace

  1. Krak des Chevaliers

his place is a castle. It was constructed in the 11th century. It was also constructed during the first crusade. For now, there are many questions, is Syria a safe place to Visit in 2023? The Krak Des Chevaliers can be the one you are looking for in Syria in 2023. So Syria Can be the best country for tourists.

Krak des Chevaliers

  1. Umayyad Mosque

This Mosque would be the Greatest Mosque which is located in Damascus. This mosque was made in the 7th Century. Now, Damas includes safe cities in Syria. This mosque is also like a safe place in Syria and many tourists can go there to see it properly. This Mos e  can be the answer to this question which would be,” where is the safest place in Syria”. So for you, this mosque can be like a historic place, a tourist. You should understand that all the things for this Great Mosque can be related to the ideology and religion of Syria.

Umayyad Mosque

  1. Al- Hamidiyah Souq

This place is like Syrian Macdonald, But it is the Greatest Market which is located in the center of Damascus. If somebody asks you, if are there any safe places in Syria, you can say that This market is one of the safe places that are located in Syria. Many tourists Visited this market many years ago, especially from 2000- 2010. You can also buy some gifts and souvenirs for your family and your loved ones.

Al- Hamidiyah Souq

  1. The Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel can be the oldest place that is located in Syria. This place is related to the 3rd millennium BC. This place is like a castle. For 2023, this place can be one of the best since the civil war happened in Syria because of some groups who are leftists against the government of Syria.

The Aleppo Citadel

  1. Shrine of Sayyidah Zaynab

this place is a religious place. And it belongs to the sisters of Sayyidah Zaynab. All Muslim people around the world can visit this place. Some people also believe that this place can be the safest in Syria. If you are curious about this place, you can visit it, and see how people can attract to this place.

Shrine of Sayyidah Zaynab

  1. Mausoleum of Saladin

This place is a shrine that belongs to Saladin, who was a commander during the crusade war between Muslims and Christians. the style of architecture of this place is Islamic, because of the culture of the Syrian people. This shrine can be so holy because of the saint of Saladin history. This Great Shrine in Syria can be a safe place to Visit in 2023. If you are also interested in historic places, you can focus on other things like the style of the cities, and even the culture of the Syrian people which would be amazing.

Mausoleum of Saladin

How safe have you seen Syria?

But with all this that we heard about Syria, we need to understand that, propaganda can do everything in the wrong way. But. You should know that there is some truth, you can see by yourself. And we can go to safe cities in Syria. There is more than one place for you. Syria is a great country that has also great history with warm people. If you are from America or Europe, you will change all things that you heard about Syria. And now we can see Syria is a safe place for the people of the world.

How safe have you seen Syria?

What happened to Syria now?

Now the earth is different in Syria, because of Earthquake. So many lives were lost. But it is not over for the whole country. This Great country has about 22 million population.  If you are a tourist, you can go to Syria and help the people of this country. So you need to know that there are so many places that we mentioned in this article. As you can see, you have many options. So there are no excuses for you in Syria. We also mentioned the safe places in Syria in this article.

What happened to Syria now?


In this article, we discuss the safe places to visit in Syria. we mentioned so places, but there are so many places especially markets that are located throughout this country, you need to understand that there are safe cities in Syria. This country has the best nationality among Arab countries. You can go to this country and buy so many gifts and presents for yourself. Syria is a safe place for all the people in the world, and now tourists can go there, for having fun with their families and their friends.


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